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    Deng Zhiyi: of charitable trust, the trustee shall set the threshold ((this newspaper reported that two of the group charity law draft of Chapter 12, where special provision "charitable trust," a chapter, clear charitable trust belongs to the charitable trust, the trustee of charity trust can be the trustor determine the trust charitable organization or trust company as. Deputies to the National People''s Congress of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission will trust supervision department director Deng Zhiyi 11 in the plenary meeting of the Hubei delegation statement said, should attach great importance to the financial property of charitable trust, the trustee of charity trust set the threshold, it is necessary to strictly define the scope and qualification of trustee, so as to achieve raise funds transfer, payment and allocation, but also to achieve capital in preserving and increasing the value of the financial asset allocation. In recent years, the trust industry in China with its institutional advantages across the monetary market, capital market, industrial market A new force suddenly rises. As of the end of 2015, the total assets of China''s trust industry has reached second, becoming the second largest financial subsidiary of the banking sector. Deng Zhiyi said: the trust can actually achieve banking, securities, insurance, funds and other financial institutions of almost all financial functions. Trust is a treasure, is a gold to be developed. It is precisely because of this reason, since 2015, the national preparation very tense situation, the China Banking Regulatory Commission set up a trust supervision department, the trust industry norms and guidance." At the beginning of the year of 2015, the CBRC since its establishment for the first time on the organizational structure adjustment, from the original non silver isolated trust supervision department, solely on the supervision of the trust industry. In the middle of 2015, the CBRC Consumer Protection Bureau Deng Zhiyi became the director of the supervision department of the trust. Trust can be divided into three types: business trust, civil trust and charitable trust. For business trust, is the implementation of the most stringent financial regulation, the consensus is that it has; civil trust is mainly individual and the family lawyer to use the trust relationship, not external. Deng Zhiyi said, a lot of charitable trust is related to the subject, with the aim of helping the poor and used in a sense is saving money, public money, the beneficiary can is a personal, can also be animal, such as the protection of the giant panda, also can be a natural landscape, such as wetlands. Public trust in the trustee''s choice, the moral requirements higher than the general civil trust and commercial trust. He suggested, should attach great importance to the financial attributes of charitable trust, charitable trust trust should be professional to undertake. Raising money and the use of management, is the two independent link. Charity can raise multi-channel, multi subject, multi way, can say the more the better, more better. But to raise funds to manage and use, it is very important, especially for the recruitment and management on behalf of the charitable trust, more should be made by the relevant professional bodies to undertake this role. "E rent treasure event" is a lesson. According to preliminary police investigation,Cheap imac, in a year and a half of the time, "Yu Cheng" related to the suspect to high interest as bait, fictional project financing lease, continue to use the borrow new also old, self insurance, etc. a large number of illegal absorption of public funds, the total transaction has reached more than 70 billion yuan. The police theory


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A military jeep arrives with a back-up team of female soldiers,Cheap ipad.

Norway has moved fast to break down military gender barriers. Its parliament introduced legislation in the 1980s that opened up all military roles to women. Last year, Norway became the first NATO country to introduce female conscription.

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Carolina Reid / NBC News


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    iage; and as for pardoning his wife, he could as soon pardon and smile upon the author of that accursed letter from Bordeaux.

But go back to the house he must. By Femmes Air Max LTD Chaussures Pas Cher obeying his impulse, and straightway returning to London, he Michael Kors Hamilton Billiga might be the cause of a fatal turn in Monica¨s illness. Constraint of bare humanity would keep him here until his wife was out of danger. But he could not see her, and as soon as Femmes Air Max Griffey Nike Chaussures Pas Cher possible he must escape from such unendurable circumstances.

Re-entering at half-past eight, he was met by Alice, who seemed Longchamp Matkailu Laukut Suomi to have slept as little as he himself had done. They went into the dining-room.

`She has been Chaussures de course Air Max 2014 Pas Cher inquiring about you,¨ began Miss Madden timorously.

`How is she?¨

`Not worse, I believe. But so very weak. She wishes me to ask you ?¨


His manner did not encourage the poor woman.

`I shall be obliged to tell her something. If I have nothing to say she will fret herself into Air Max 91 Femme Classique Pas Cher a dangerous state. adidas stan smith cf Couple Pas Cher She wants to know if you have read her cheap soccer jerseys wholesale letter, and if ? if you will see the child.¨

Widdowson turned away and stood irresolute. He felt Miss Madden¨s hand upon his arm.

`Oh, don¨t refuse! Let me give her some comfort.¨

`It¨s the child she¨s anxious about?¨

Alice admitted it, looking into her brother-inlaw¨s face with woeful appeal.

`Say I will adidas superstar Classiques Pas Cher see it,¨ he answered, `and have it brought into some room ? then say I have seen it.¨

`Mayn¨t I take her a word of forgiveness?¨

`Yes, say I forgive Homme Nike Air Max 2018 Chaussures Pas Cher her. She doesn¨t wish me to go to her?¨

Alice shook her head.

`Then say I forgive her.¨

As he directed so it was done; and in the course of the morning Miss Madden brought word to him that her sister had experienced great relief. She was sleeping.

But the doctor thought it necessary to make two visits before nightfall, and late in the evening he came again. He explained to Widdowson that there were complications, not unlikely to be dangerous, and finally he suggested that, if the morrow brought no


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