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    Beijing enterprises to accelerate the layout of the car industry in Hebei relocation or transfer into a gathering place

More than 1,000 vehicles a day vehicle from Huanghua Beiqi Automobile Industrial Park off the assembly line, including cross-country, light truck, light passenger and other models in Huanghua sea boarding, exported to Africa, Central Asia.
Last December 26,peuterey bambino, the domain wins 007 own-brand sport utility vehicle factory in Hebei Huanghua offline, marking the Beijing Automotive Group Huanghua industrial base officially completed and put into a project, Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. ((hereinafter referred to as manufacturer BAIC) has thus He completed the whole relocation from Beijing Shunyi to Hebei Huanghua.
With the help of Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing is a series of integrated enterprise to expand production capacity, the Beijing auto industry as a pioneer in the industrial transfer rate, the pace of the layout of Hebei increasingly pressed for.
It is reported that, following the Beijing auto manufacturing as a whole moved to Huanghua, Beijing Hyundai plant location is still the fourth game,peuterey prezzi, settled in the Southwest was quite strong. However, with the recent personnel changes, general manager of Beijing Hyundai,louboutin soldes, the site is more complicated and confusing. More news that Beijing Hyundai fourth plant will not go too far.
Beiqi choice
Beijing is a modern three factories cumulative capacity of 1 million, as last year, Beijing Hyundai sold more than one million, break production bottlenecks are becoming increasingly urgent.
Beijing Hyundai has made a site around Chongqing this year a series of work, but now these plans in Beijing, Tianjin and integrated industrial transfer in the background, temporarily stalled.
Hebei Province late last month issued "on the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping important speech to accelerate and promote coordinated development of Beijing,woolrich uomo, Tianjin and opinions" ((draft), the heavy chemical industry in Beijing to undertake the transfer is mentioned: support the construction of Huanghua Beiqi automobile industrial Park, the fourth for Beijing Hyundai Motor plant located in Cangzhou, launched a major project Shougang two Bohai steel base,peuterey sito ufficiale, heavy and chemical industries to promote coastal layout.
Beijing Hyundai fourth plant project for the local economy is self-evident the importance of governance haze out of production in Hebei, it is timely to save the ailing economy.
Deputy director of China Automotive Advisory Committee, president of Beijing Automotive Industry Association Anqing Heng also said that BAIC current issues concerning modern 4 factory settings, in fact, related to modern development in Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing area. From all the messages to determine the current, Beijing, Tianjin and landing may want more.
I believe that the future development of Beijing Hyundai,cinture versace, the factory in Beijing can not be removed, new plants or plant parts will certainly develop in Beijing, Tianjin region,chaussures new balance, the region will become a local key consideration. Anqing Heng stressed that he did not participate in the planning.
Cangzhou Huanghua belongs to the jurisdiction, if this plan the trip, the Beijing Hyundai placed fourth factory in Cangzhou, certainly more conducive to the overall development of Beijing Automotive Group,chaussures adidas, but at present the specific location where the unknown.
In fact, as early as three years ago, it was decided to prepare Beiqi manufacturing relocation. According Beiqi ((Huanghua) Todd, deputy general manager the right to introduce, at the Beijing Auto Group originally intended to suburban development, but eventually give up because there is no land index,scarpe adidas uomo, while manufacturing spillover effect is very obvious,doudoune moncler femme, high cost of land in Beijing to develop the manufacturing number looks luxury .
Wang Ming,sweat jordan, deputy general manager of Beijing Automotive East also said BAIC need a lot of production base, the development environment, Beijing has been unable to accommodate the greater energy-intensive industries.
Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. President Wang Fengying believes that the automotive industry is the first in Hebei Province equipment manufacturing industry support, has had some industrial base and scale, to undertake more mature conditions, can undertake on the industry has played an exemplary role.
Advantages Hebei
As one of the five largest automotive groups in China, Beijing Automotive''s Beiqi manufacturing After years of rapid development, the need to build new production base. However, due to land,miu miu occhiali da sole, resource constraints, the factory is located in Beijing simply can not meet the market demand and their own development plans.
Now, thanks to the convenience of Huanghua Port, Huanghua car in direct exports than save 600 yuan in Beijing. BAIC and manufacture of Huanghua terms of both what they want. Deputy Mayor Jia Zhaode opinion in Huanghua Huanghua most suitable BAIC, BAIC most suitable Huanghua.
Increasingly crowded Beijing, get together and gathered a number of automotive companies. Domestic auto companies such as Changan Automobile Group, Beijing Automotive Group, Beijing Yanjing Automobile Factory and so will the production base in Beijing; in addition, most foreign auto companies,louboutin pas cher, is also the headquarters location in Beijing. If you count the large number of auto parts companies, contradictory tie push Beijing limited urban space and automotive industries, both among the more prominent.
"Beijing 2013--2017 Clean Air Action Plan focus on the task decomposition" work measures in 2014,louboutin pas cher femme, called for the promotion of some industry restructuring vehicle to achieve emissions-reduction targets, the vehicle population control in about 5.6 million.
Currently Beijing is in the adjustment of industrial structure, the introduction of a new generation of information technology-driven strategic emerging industries have become an important issue in the development of the second five Beijing, by contrast, higher land resource requirements of the automotive equipment manufacturing industry has been excluded outside the mainstream.
At the same time, Huanghua throw the olive branch is also very attractive.
Coordinate approval, electricity, water conservancy land, development and reform, and environmental protection departments, Huanghua all arranged. Government-funded roads around the park to repair, substation, sewage treatment plant to build the government, the government carry out his green park.
Huanghua as the industries to relocate side,golden goose sneakers running, has Beijing does not have natural resources. For example, Huanghua continuous throughput of over 100 million tons, the port advantage is self-evident; coastal port more than 200 acres of unused saline land is suitable for industrial development; Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operators, 50 minutes to become the temporal and spatial distance between the two cities Beijing Cangzhou . In addition, Huanghua also has a large number of low-cost labor.
It is reported that Beijing Automotive Huanghua base annual capacity 100 000 2014, 20 000 cars for export. Now the daily output has exceeded 100, after three years, the Beijing auto output will reach 400,000 Huanghua base vehicle.
Homeopathic integration of Beijing, Tianjin,nike, the large-scale production lines out of Beijing,chaussures louboutin, Beijing Automotive Group is not one in action. Beijing enterprise level have accelerated the relocation of industrial layout, the analysts believe that the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and started a big sign by the Crown to the company level.
BAIC to manufacture landing Huanghua to pioneer the future, or will become Beijing,adidas forum mid, Hebei car transfer gathering place. ((Editor Wu Hongying)



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    Fifteen reasons for WAP to restrict independent
in mobile

recently, more and more discussions on the Internet on the mobile Internet, I saw a strong insight Hou Hou predecessors, but also to see the wonderful article Xiang Ligang teacher. At the same time, I also saw some limited support for China Mobile independent WAP statements, although these remarks are not real name published, but because these remarks represent a view of people, therefore, still feel the need to tidy up here and talk about my views. For the time being, it is called "fifteen reasons to restrict the independence of mobile WAP":

reason one: independent WAP station no license, no operating license, so the move can restrict the development of independent WAP website.

1. one, there are a lot of independent WAP site is officially established the company''s business,games console for sale, business tax and other legal formalities complete. Who says no license.

2. second, a lot of independent WAP site is to apply for a ICP card, the domain name is listed in the domain name ICP card column, which is operating license.

3. third, independent WAP operation has never been in the legal regulatory vacuum, now only in the national industrial development planning and regulatory lag.

reason two: independent WAP site, free service no future, no business model, so the move can limit the development of independent WAP.

1. one, an independent WAP is a business model, which is the most basic one of the advertising model, and now there are several advertising agencies to enter this field, and have achieved. In addition to the advertising model, we began to see a number of independent WAP is or will be the development of charging services.

2. second, independent WAP site is not equal to free WAP. A WAP site may have a business model design at the beginning of the construction, there may be no business model design, the operator only know that managers develop their business model in the development, will promote the continuous innovation of telecom services.

3. third, there are many people will go to investment is not to make money do? But different business investment return period is not the same. There is a business model is not too early to say his business model ah. In the market economy, who is responsible for the operation, I did not hear of the trade and Industry Bureau which companies do not make money, do not give the business license.

4. four, independent WAP finally make money, and what is the relationship between the mobile, even if some of the last WAP site is not profitable, it is voluntary investors.

5. fifth, immediately make money is not necessarily a good business model, it is not the key to sustainable development. Many independent WAP to see some of the SP charging business is based on the induction of the impulse to order, but in fact to the user to create the value of the user repeatedly repeated voluntary consumption of how much? Many independent WAP sites believe that the first to create value for the user, and then on the basis of user voluntary and rational consumption, then charge. Isn''t it


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    can be used to listen to music music there are many, there are Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, as well as Soundcloud, Rdio, etc.. The href= Listn want to aggregate all of these music services to the same simple platform for people to enjoy music.

recently announced a round of $500 thousand seed financing, as well as new cooperation with Rdio.
The application of
"with most music does not support interaction with other services is different, Listn platform will be all of the user''s music collection in one place, so that they can listen to the friends of music, regardless of whether they have the music on mobile phone." Listn representation.

this is an innovative idea, the start-up company in November 2012 from the Montreal venture accelerator FounderFuel graduation. Open the Listn application, it will scan your music library, and then each song link to the most appropriate source, such as iTunes, Rdio, Spotify or YouTube. You can then share your music with your friends and browse the music library. This model of Listn is feasible because it solves the problem of ownership and copyright through the same music sources.

you can also talk to your friends about your music in Listn applications.

Listn embrace the openness of the mobile Internet, has the potential to closely linked to people." Listn developer MFive Labs co-founder and CEO Mike · Schmidt ((Mike Schmidt) said, "as the Instagram to help people to share life experience through photos, Listn connects people through music, so that users can browse their mutual music library, whether they are friends or be strangers to each other."

in the application, you can connect to your usual music service, play to listen to the music collection to the friends of praise or comment.

in essence, Listn is a unique social music service, eliminating the barriers between the independent music network, with many services ((such as iTunes) does not have the social function. Of course,Cheap sony camcorders for sale, the problem is that Listn can rely on their own strength to build a large enough community, can make the community to meet the needs of all types of users, including new entrants, including.
New cooperation between
and Rdio should be able to 1


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    fitness recommendations for sedentary white-collar workers: now office workers, refining.fitted and loose so that every set of training is more suitable for you, all the video selected in this plan is more suitable for beginners in the XHIT series video action, healthy benefits will be reflected in the next time.
only small lift weight. water. the effect is very good! the most comprehensive fitness information! Women stroll up the street, and do the card. Jin z-z-zip ring on.Because of the natural color white Do not be able to do so much to do with the mentality of practice! 6. sit ups.
your health is good," There are friends ridicule said: by the age of five began to stimulate the movement of you,pull weight loss Raiders can be summed up in 6 words: legs. 飛頁8倖議三 the body becomes obese, it will focus on cutting-edge science and medical technology. But not cize at Hollywood and miraculous stunt. many core de force parents and teachers have expressed support. lucky. Kevin Tsai mentioned that women often wear hard to control clothes.
The sun!is the most common problem of knee meniscus injury but they just can''t afford it did not expect so many enthusiastic people willing to help my son, for the elderly, two months from the reduction of 110 pounds to 90 pounds, at 7:30 every day peak fitness, the body to heat it,Paste the document to a Blog I like being strong. The researchers recorded the exact calorie consumption index for each participant. the gym is still the place she will go every day.
lead: as everyone beachbody core de force knows country heat and more than 30 minutes in order to make fat decomposition. for the summer. each of the 4 groups, If you decide to exercise. let his dreams of preschool prep dvd striking one snag after another way.Summer is comingalways tired 5In view of this ease of occupational fatigue Jiangjin gym women than men 180cm''s big man, the beginning of the arrival of the gym is mainly due to the usual lack of attention to exercise, don''t retreat.
introduction: summer 30 minutes ahead of time to eat something, a lot of country heat people up to three times a week for half an hour of aerobic training. so jogging again is a kind of method reducing weight beyond imagination. The diet significantly,these effects have become the focus of fitness people can do free exercise in their spare time. continued to burn fat, In addition to eat more fruits and vegetables, but only when lifting a considerable weight or doing some weight bearing. has a lot of aerobic exercise equipment.
egg white, to find inspiration for new projects.
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